Some changes, but if I do them right you won't even notice

Hey everyone,

A quick non-post from me today. Unfortunately, due to practices by this platform that I can’t support in good conscience, I will be pausing payments from subscribers on this newsletter. You can read this post if you’re curious about it, but I am not comfortable with even a penny of your money supporting a platform that pays transphobic writers large sums of money and platforms their views.

It works like this: your subscription to this newsletter goes directly to me (thank you) — minus 10% which goes to Substack. Substack then decides, within this revenue model, which writers it wants to ‘support’ (often with large sums of money). Their decision to support transphobic writers does not sit well with me, and I can’t imagine it sits well with you either.

You may have received similar emails from other creators on substack today.

I am looking into migrating this newsletter to another platform with less abhorrent practices, but in the meantime, you will not be charged another penny.

The good news: It is possible, it seems, for me to migrate this whole shindig to another, more suitable, platform. I’ll be looking into this over the next few days. Beyond this mail, nothing should change for you, but I wanted to be open about what is happening behind the scenes.

For people who don’t pay a subscription fee here — nothing at all should change!

So, I’ll be back with regularly scheduled writings and playlists soon. Thank you all so much for supporting this newsletter.

Trans liberation now.